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Justin McIntosh Williams Reviews Happy ColorTM — The Most Relaxing Game of All Time

For color-by-number lovers, there’s no game quite as addictive as the free online game, Happy ColorTM*, the internet’s most popular coloring book for adults. With a name like Happy ColorTM, you might expect this online game to be for children, but it’s not — it was created for adults, but children can play too. Here, Justin McIntosh Williams reviews the software and talks about how colors can make people happy.

It’s well known that certain colors can affect your emotions, Justin McIntosh Williams says. Art Therapy Blog* says, “warm colors – such as red, yellow and orange – can spark a variety of emotions ranging from comfort and warmth to hostility and anger. Cool colors – such as green, blue and purple – often spark feeligs of calmness as well as sadness.” If you’re interested in the psychology of colors, they even have a chart on the same page, which references some of the common psychological effects of colors. nThey say different shades of colors have different meanings, and the context around a color has an influence as well, Justin McIntosh Williams says.

And the colors in Happy ColorTM obviously make a lot of people happy. With over 130 million downloads, Google Play rates it as the #1 virtual coloring book with over 20 million active users each month. With 2000 free pictures inside the app and more added daily, there is plenty of coloring to keep your artistic side happy. Categories of pictures include animals, landscape, floral, horoscope, hobbies like sports, music, and board games, mandalas, mosaic, fantasy, and art to name a few.

Coloring these pictures is extremely easy, Justin McIntosh Williams says. No paper is needed, and there are no messy markers or colored pencils. Each image comes as a black and white pen drawing. To “color” an area, you just choose the color you want, and then touch the areas that contain the corresponding number to fill that spot with color instantly.

Some of the pictures feature colors in rich jewel tones. Others have muted calming shades. All are entirely different and hand-drawn according to the developer, X-Flow*. A quick peek at their site shows the company claims to have more than 50 employees working on its projects. “What’s surprising is the number of beautiful images they have available,” Justin McIntosh Williams says. The app comes with plenty on its own, and on their Facebook page, they give away more free pictures. Players can “earn” additional pictures to color by finishing predetermined sets, such as 5 mandalas or 7 floral pictures, and the images are so varied, it’s hard to create categories for some of them.

The software is intuitive as well, Justin McIntosh Williams says. If you must stop in the middle, the app knows where you left off, so it’s there at your exact place when you come back. This way you’re not left redoing something you’ve already done unless you want to — the colors inside each picture can be erased so you could start over if you really loved doing a certain picture. Then when you’re done, he says, the software plays back the picture you colored at high speed, in the order you colored it, so you can watch it come to life right before your eyes. The best ones have over a hundred different colors, he adds. It’s very relaxing to do, and the color combinations evoke a calming sensation once you’re finished. “I just wish there was a way to print them off when I’m done,” he adds with a smile.

Happy ColorTM* – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixel.art.coloring.color.number
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Justin C. Williams Medical Laser Enthusiast Discusses Video Game Addiction – Who’s to Blame?

With all the temptations of the everyday world all around us, who would have thought video game addiction would ever be a real thing? Yet, it is, according to Justin C. Williams medical laser enthusiast, and it’s growing in numbers every year. Video game addiction is not yet recognized by the American Medical Association, says Justin C. Williams, but in May 2019, the World Health Organization added “gaming disorder” to its long list of mental disorders.

Justin C. Williams medical laser enthusiast points out that the World Health Organization website* shows a pretty specific definition of an addict. It shows the definition of gaming disorder as “as a pattern of gaming behavior characterized by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences.”

To Justin C. Williams medical laser enthusiast, that’s a pretty extreme definition. In fact, the World Health Organization says that this definition will include only a very small proportion of the global population; however, they go on to say, “people who partake in gaming should be alert to the amount of time they spend on gaming activities, particularly when it is to the exclusion of other daily activities, as well as to any changes in their physical or psychological health and social functioning that could be attributed to their pattern of gaming behavior.” This is alarming since up to 72% of young men ages 19 to 29 enjoy video games according to Pew Research Center on a survey* done about video game playing.

In his book* entitled Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking Our Kids – and How to Break the Trance, Dr. Nicholas Kardaras talks about the dangers of electronics and how they can affect us if we overdo it. He references brain-imaging studies of the effects of screen time and says that brain imaging shows actual changes that can occur as a result of too much time behind an electronic screen.

But Justin C. Williams medical laser enthusiast says although this may be true, whether someone has a problem with video game addiction isn’t something that can be measured with a clock. “I would think one would need to examine if gaming negatively affects the person,” he says. For example, if someone plays several hours a day yet is still able to get their schoolwork done, chores completed, and still maintains a healthy social life, can he really be considered an addict? Justin C. Williams says medical specialists should look at someone’s life in context and not simply go by a textbook definition. “I’m not a doctor,” he adds, “but I believe even I’d know the difference between a passionate hobby and addiction.

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Justin McIntosh Williams

Justin McIntosh Williams Talks About the Rise and Fall of Atari

Atari was once known as the giant of the console gaming world and was one of the fastest growing companies in American history. However, after tremendous growth in the 1970s, several problems eventually led to their demise by the mid-1980s. Here, Justin McIntosh Williams talks about what happened during that time that led to its dissolution.

“It’s all pretty interesting,” Justin McIntosh Williams said. He explained the original Atari was founded by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in 1972. The original Atari of the 1970s was a console-type gaming system that was able to play any of the 4 existing Atari games at that time. This system would later be renamed the Atari 2600. The introductory price of $199 included a console, two joysticks, a pair of paddles, and a game cartridge, and millions of these consoles were sold. According to Wikipedia*, “the electronic game, Pong, and the Atari 2600, “helped define the electronic entertainment industry from the 1970s to the mid-1980s.” Justin Williams reports then, the company started working on creating the successor to the 2600. However, the Atari 5600 was a disappointment in that the game cartridges were incompatible with the popular 2600, and the hardware had malfunctions and other related problems.

Probably the biggest contribution to its demise and what many consider the worst game they ever released, Justin McIntosh Williams said, was the game E.T. The Extraterrestrial*. Initially, E.T. was a commercial success. Released just before Christmas in 1982, it was among the top 15 video games sold in the U.S. in December 1982 and January 1983. It wasn’t much later that word spread that the game was monotonous, and it was difficult to maneuver. This along with the saturation of newer games and gaming consoles on the market made the E.T. game a financial flop. The result was excess inventory and many customer returns which resulted in a negative demand and supply scenario. This caused retailers to continue to drop the price to get rid of the extra games. “Atari had produced about 12 million of these games,” Justin Williams explained, “even though there were only about 10 million consoles in existence that could play them.” Many claim that Atari hid this failure by dumping over 700,000 leftover games in a landfill* in New Mexico.

As a result, in 1983, the digital gaming industry experienced a recession, and many companies closed. After that, the company changed hands a number of times, split up, and some portions of the company merged back together, ending up as Atari Games, Inc., Justin McIntosh Williams said.

Later, in 2014, Microsoft helped produce a documentary about Atari called Game Over* in which they revealed Atari obtained the rights to E.T. at the last minute, giving their developer just 5-1/2 weeks to complete the video game for the mass markets. However, because the developer’s contract specified that he was to get paid on quantity produced instead of quality, there was more incentive to get it out quickly rather than get it right. “It was pretty much all downhill at that point,” Justin McIntosh Williams said.

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Justin Williams Medical Laser: Video Games Based on TV Shows

Justin Williams Medical Laser explores video games based on television shows.


It’s extremely common for video games to be released based on movies, especially when a movie is releasing and they’re looking for a tie-in to make some extra profit. While the quality of these movie-based games varies wildly, it’s safe to say that on average, they’re usually better than games based on tv shows.

Video games based on television are rarer than games based on movies, and generally of lower quality. For example, the target audience of the game Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit, released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, is absolutely mysterious. Justin Williams Medical Laser can not imagine any child excitedly guiding a digital Tim Allen wielding a screwdriver through levels for hours on end. Apparently, critics and the market felt the same way, as there have since been no follow-ups to the Home Improvement universe in the realm of video games, nor has Tim Allen made any further video game appearances (beyond voice clips as Buzz Lightyear for Toy Story games).

Some TV shows become cultural phenomenons, and it just makes sense to try to expand on the concept as much as possible. Justin Williams Medical Laser points to The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, developed by Terminal Reality and released in 2013 during the peak of the Walking Dead craze. Unfortunately, while most TV-based video games straddle the tightrope of mediocrity, this game turned out to be truly awful. Panned by critics, the game achieved an average of 34/100 on Metacritic. Thankfully, Telltale Games also had access to the license and released an episodic Walking Dead game that was received much better and was praised for its story-driven gameplay and emotionally-charged script and acting.

Telltale Games used the same formula for their release of Game of Thrones, first released in December of 2014. The game’s story ran concurrently alongside seasons 3 to 5 of the television series and was similarly praised. Unfortunately, the sequel was canceled alongside numerous other games as the result of the heavy restructuring of Telltale Games in 2018 as the company became defunct and was re-opened under new ownership.

One of the most popular television shows in America, The Simpsons, has had dozens of video game adaptations, ranging wildly in quality. The Simpsons arcade game and The Simpsons Hit and Run, Justin Williams Medical Laser lists, are considered extremely good games, the former being a classic arcade beat ‘em up and the latter being a Grand Theft Auto style game.

Of course, you can’t make upwards of twenty-seven games and have them all be amazing. Justin Williams Medical Laser mentions that The Simpsons Wrestling, released in 2001, is considered to be one of the worst video games of all time, appearing on almost every list that attempts to rank the worst of the worst.

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Justin Williams of Austin Texas: Board Games to Watch Out For

Justin Williams of Austin Texas details his top picks for board games this year.


While video games have evolved to provide hours of multiplayer entertainment in various forms (with some games reaching as much as 64 players in one match), there’s nothing quite like sitting down at a table with your friends and playing a board game. Board games bring friends together in a more intimate setting than video games can achieve, even if you’re playing on the same couch. Instead of being focused on the TV screen, your group is instead focused on each other and the game board. Justin Williams of Austin Texas has shared some of his favorite board games that include the best examples of this, whether they force you to work together as a team or pit you against each other in healthy competition.

First, on Justin Williams of Austin Texas’s list is a classic: Risk. Risk is definitely not for everyone—matches can take hours and hours to complete and can become a slog for some. However, for those who are invested, it becomes a match of wits that few other games can compare to. The Risk gameboard is simply a map of the world, with sections divided by countries’ borders. Each turn, you move your soldiers to attempt to take over the world. The game forces you to ally with other players in order to gain strength, but there can only be one winner. Thus, betrayals are a core part of the game. This may be offputting to some, or ill-suited to others, but for those who can appreciate a strategic back-stab and not take personal offense, Justin Williams of Austin Texas thinks Risk is a fantastic choice of game.

As mentioned earlier, a drawback of the game might be the length it takes to complete. You’ll need to commit a full evening to a game if you’re intending on finishing it, and if you can’t, Justin Williams of Austin Texas suggests making sure you have a safe place you can leave the board without it being disturbed so you can pick up where you left off.

Next on Justin Williams of Austin Texas’s list is even more of a classic, yet many who aren’t into board games haven’t heard of it: Cosmic Encounter. In Cosmic Encounter, each player takes on the role of a unique alien, each with their own win conditions and special rules of play. The main goal of the game is to take over other players’ planets through a series of planetary attacks.

Cosmic Encounter was released in 1977, and actually heavily served as inspiration for the rules of arguably the most popular trading card game of all time, Magic: The Gathering. With over fifty alien characters to choose from of varying gameplay difficulty and several expansions which also introduce new gameplay mechanics, every game of Cosmic Encounter has the potential to be something different you haven’t experienced before. Justin Williams Austin Texas highly recommends checking it out—if you have friends to play it with, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Finally, Justin Williams of Austin Texas has to bring up Gloomhaven. Gloomhaven is an absolute monster of a game, with around a $120 price point. The game includes 95 playable scenarios, 17 playable characters, and more than 1,500 cards in its box, which weighs just shy of an astonishing 22 pounds. This game isn’t for the faint of heart, Justin Williams Austin Texas warns: setup time alone can take up to 3 hours, without even taking into account learning the complicated ruleset. If you have the time and interest to invest, it’s absolutely worth it.

Justin Williams Austin Texas Details Upcoming Major Game Releases

The holiday season brings with it a deluge of game releases, all vying for the covetous spot in that gift box under the tree or to be the result of a well-spent gift card. Justin Williams Austin Texas is happy to take a look at some of the most exciting releases in the coming months to help us make a more informed decision about which new video games to spend our hard-earned money on.

Justin Williams Austin Texas begins by listing off some of the greatest releases in recent months that are sure to be popular as presents this year. Death Stranding, the latest outing by famed game director Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, has met with mixed reviews due to its unique gameplay (it’s been described as a “package delivery” simulator, and while it’s a bit more in-depth than that, there is some technical truth to it). For those used to and expecting a more violent, action-packed game, Justin Williams Austin Texas advises maybe skipping over this one-but for others looking for an intelligent, well-written, undeniably weird experience (starring Norman Reedus of Walking Dead fame, no less), Justin Williams Austin Texas recommends giving it a shot.

Another popular choice of gift this holiday season, especially for children, are undoubtedly going to be the new Pokemon games, subtitled Sword & Shield. As the first major Pokemon release on a home console (rather than a handheld system), the graphics are much high quality than they ever have been before. Seeing their favorite Pokemon on the big screen alongside new characters is sure to put a smile on any kid’s face this Christmas, says Justin Williams Austin Texas.

As far as upcoming releases go, Justin Williams Austin Texas turns his attention to Cyberpunk 2077. The CD Projekt Red game has been drumming up attention for quite some time now, ever since the initial teaser trailer was released in May 2012. As the creators of the extremely well-received Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red already had the benefit of their audience’s goodwill. This year, it was revealed that Keanu Reeves would be granted a starring role in the game, with his amount of dialogue second only to the main player character. With a release date of April 16, this might be the release Justin Williams Austin Texas is most looking forward to.

Another release Justin Williams Austin Texas wants us to keep our eyes peeled for is Doom: Eternal. Doom: Eternal is a direct sequel 2016’s Doom, a reimagining of the classic game series. If you’re a fan of first-person shooters, Justin Williams Austin Texas points out this release would be a crime to overlook. The Doom series has always been synonymous with the first-person shooter genre, with the original released in 1993 being one of the earliest examples of the genre. In fact, Justin Williams Austin Texas indicates, the term “Doom clone” was actually more popular than “first-person shooter” until the late ’90s! With the 2016 reboot of the series being one of the best recent examples of a no-frills arcade shooter, Justin Williams Austin Texas has got his fingers crossed the upcoming sequel won’t disappoint.

Real Estate Developer Justin Williams Makes Luxury More Affordable for Austin Homebuyers

Justin Williams, a Real Estate Luxury Home Developer and luxury property connoisseur currently based in Austin, Texas, has made a career of making dreams come true. For over five years Justin Williams, founder, and principal of Vertu Luxury Properties has been renowned in Park City, Utah, and beyond for his role in owning, designing, constructing, and selling lavish multi-million-dollar homes. Today, Justin Williams is expanding his reach to offer a taste of the good life to a broader range of homebuyers in the greater Austin, Texas area.

Justin Williams’ creativity, taste, talent, and experience, coupled with his commitment to customer satisfaction, make him an excellent candidate to make premium real estate more accessible to Austin’s middle-market homebuyers. While Vertu Luxury Properties’ focus is shifting away from extravagance toward less costly abodes, Justin Williams has no intention of lowering the lofty standards for which he and his company are so well-known.

“By adjusting our vision to a slightly less pricey design culture we are able to still bring immense value to our customers,” Justin Williams said.

From terrain to tabletops, Justin Williams and Vertu Luxury Properties see to it that every element of the project is cohesive to ensure the final product is as exquisite as it is functional. Likewise, Justin Williams and his Austin, Texas team work with clients to develop a design and construction strategy that fulfills the homeowner’s vision while staying true to their budget.

“Each space, surface, wood, color, and layout starts in combination with the eventual custom furnishings that will complete the emotional journey of each home,” Justin Williams said.

Justin Williams’ Austin, Texas, clientele will also be pleased to know Vertu Luxury Properties makes every effort to become ingrained in the community. Not only does Justin Williams envision crafting impeccable homes and neighborhoods, but he also plans to infuse his abodes with local character by involving Austin tradespeople in the creation of these one-of-a-kind properties.

“Using local artists, furniture builders, and other artisan trades, Vertu embraces the local culture of the Austin, Texas, marketplace,” Justin Williams said.

From Willow Creek and The Colony to Tuhaye and Deer Valley, Justin Williams’ and Vertu Luxury Properties’ impeccable masterpieces can be seen throughout Park City, Utah’s countryside. Soon, Justin Williams’ envisions the Austin, Texas, landscape will be likewise peppered with his artistic fingerprint in the form of original, affordable luxury homes.

For more information about Vertu Luxury Properties, go to vertulp.com.

Justin Williams’ Inspired ‘Creative Vision’ Defines Austin’s Vertu Luxury Properties; Vertu Offers ‘Unrivaled Experience’ in Home Ownership

Luxury home developer Justin Williams has crafted a “creative vision” for high-end home buyers who seek excellence in accommodations while pursuing the ultimate Austin lifestyle.

Vertu Luxury Properties of Austin, Texas, a luxury home-building business headed by Justin Williams, is a company aiming to change the game in the Austin high-end property arena by offering a whole new level of unique amenities – an “unrivaled experience” in luxury living, according to Justin Williams.

Creative Vision

The “creative vision” of Vertu Luxury Properties, championed by Vertu Luxury Properties CEO Justin Williams and the company’s top-notch partners, relies on a carefully cultivated plan of trust supported by the relevant participants to collaborate and devise options that offer unique living experiences in Austin, Texas, and the elite housing properties available.

The specifics of the Vertu model, executed with expert care and precision by attentive staff and on-site workers, assure that all details are personally addressed by an on-site representative.

Austin City Limits

But Vertu Luxury Properties offers a chance for its clients to go beyond the limits and exist on Austin’s leading edge. By promoting incredible, unlimited opportunities, Vertu Luxury Properties is forging a new definition of the “Austin Elite” for its clients.

Vertu Luxury Properties knows that luxury home owners want to go beyond the more common high-end amenities such as swimming pools with elaborate spas, entryways with cathedral ceilings and chef’s kitchens with restaurant-quality appliances. They want to live like a rock star.

An Unrivaled Experienced

Vertu Luxury Properties offers an “unrivaled experience” – including wall safes in garages, monogrammed linens and even curated art collections. Don’t forget the wine cellar.

“What else do you want?” Justin Williams asks. A mahogany entryway? Museum-quality garage space for an antique car collection? Computerized systems that rely on artificial intelligence learning to provide comfort, convenience and security throughout the home? A futuristic or art deco exterior look? Vertu can do all that and more.

Vertu Luxury Home clients are always in control, driving and defining the home-acquisition and home-building process. No request is completely unreasonable. Justin Williams fully understands that Vertu clients have specific interests and unique ideas and requests about how they want to outfit their luxury homes, including the amenities and finishes they desire for an optimal lifestyle.

Transition to Luxury Home Building and a Move to Austin

Justin Williams knows that people who can afford luxury – want luxury.

Justin Williams previously lived in Park City, Utah, where he worked in the medical laser business before transitioning into luxury home building.

Williams has relocated to Austin, Texas, one of the nation’s most vibrant major cities. Austin has a lively music and cultural scene, thanks to the city’s diversity as well as its proximity to the main campus of the University of Texas.

Now, Austin residents enjoy the opportunity to live a luxury lifestyle in a fabulous home constructed by Vertu Luxury Properties.

For more information about Vertu Luxury Properties, go to https://www.vertulp.com/.